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Midas Carrier Services LTD optimizes, accelerates and simplifies International Voice through innovating in technology, platforms and processes.

We offer premium class audiotext services to wholesale voice carriers and we are positive that our tailor made solution can accommodate Your network in a secure and profitable way.


We value innovation and automation and to prove that we are using and developing AI within our services. We are continually transforming and innovating in our technology, platform and processes to deliver reliability, quality and performance. We help introduce voice carriers to valuable audiotext traffic.

By interconnecting to our value added services network, carriers can benefit from improved margins on every call connected and wholesale services management. A dedicated team of professionals will take over the management of your wholesale traffic and increase the revenue

Why Midas

It is very simple:  You get our knowledge and experience in a market with a continuous evolution. Our network of partners Enhance your margins and with state of the art infrastructure, proprietary technology and an experienced Can-do sales team.



News and Events

Our team is ready for this year WWC in Madrid – book a meeting with us contact@midastel.net

Next event : Capacity Europe London 2019 – book a meeting with us contact@midastel.net


Our team consists of highly trained telecom specialists. Our development plan includes expanding the team with dynamic and talented telecom professionals. We are looking for colleagues that are searching for an opportunity to grow professionally, guided by the same values: integrity, devotion, proven efficiency that bring added value to each of our partners.

Depending on our job openings or our near future needs, we will assess any candidate that sends us a resume at contact@midastel.net

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